Do you make these common blogging mistakes|how to fix it

blogging mistakes to Avoid

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say this:

Blogging mistakes is not quite easy to avoid

New bloggers make lots of mistakes when starting out with their blog.

You might be thinking of starting a blog which is a great decision to make

Or you might have started one already which is great. Congratulations to You, friend!

Well, it turns out that starting a blog without having to make these mistakes may not be easy as you would have thought.

All you have to do is relax and scroll down…….

In this article, you are going to learn those blogging mistakes to avoid so that you can venture on the right path.

In order for you not to be affected in the long-run,

If you are just getting started this articles will help you start on the right path in your blogging journey.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on…….


No one is an expert in blogging overnight, we all made tons of mistakes.

When starting out in blogging we all are overwhelmed with the excitement of launching a blog,

Having an online presence to communicate your knowledge with the whole wide world,

Thereby curating chances of making couples of blogging mistakes in the excitement of “Wow, I have a blog”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making those mistakes but you can really accelerate your blog growth rapidly by avoiding these blogging mistakes for beginners.

Starting a blog on the right path will save you a lot of time, money and so on.

And also make you avoid missing opportunities. I want to help you to avoid these mistakes,

My hope is that you will avoid making these blogging mistakes as you progress in your own blogging journey.

So let’s get started!


Before we get started, I know you would like to know what list building is

list building is a process of developing a database of like minded people online who would be interested in the kind of products or services that your business offers.

Your list is your first priority and your main market, where you can hope to achieve your success in selling.


You have to grow your email list by providing your subscribers with relevant information, tips,

And the strategy that will help them improve their lives.

But if you try to be pitchy, they will opt-out of your list.

Once you are able to educate them and provide valuable resources, your list is bound to grow.

That’s was my number one mistake I made when I started out, which I still regret up to this point of writing,

So never make that mistake.


If you don’t have an email list you are leaving money on the table,

You might have probably heard of this saying”The money is in the list”.

You can grow your list by offering them a content upgrade in the form of a freebie, pdf, templates, email course that is high content-oriented.

Check out this guide from Optinmonster on freebies ideas to grow your email list.

And if you want to start an email list check out this guide on how to start an email list for free.

So, not having an email list is a very big mistake because you need to start growing your list as early as possible,

Because they are going to be your loyal fans and buy from you in the long run.

So start building your email list now!

I recommend Constant Contact for beginners, small businesses because they are user-friendly.

Use Convertkit if you are a professional blogger or a content creator

But if you are on a tight budget I recommend MailChimp or Mailerlite both of them have free plans of up to 2000 contact before upgrading. So you can start with that. There is so many other email service providers like Getresponse, drip, Aweber and so on.


I can understand if you are on a tight budget, using the free options might be the best options

But I would rather choose the latter if I were you.

Investing in your blog is essential for your blog growth, putting in a little bit of your money in a web host, Ebook, online course will increase your blog growth without you knowing it.

For Instance,

Investing in SEO tools like Semrush, kwfinder will boost your ranking in Google search engine because you know the appropriate keywords to rank for.

Investing in stock images will make your blog stand out online,

So you see its important to invest in some blogging tools to help you grow your blog and see instant results.

Investing some money on your blog will save you lots of money, headache, and stress.

Read this in-depth article from shemeansblogging 20 things you need to invest in your blog.


This is one of the common blogging mistakes to avoid for beginners bloggers.

Newbies are always tempted to check their blog traffic each time they log in to their blog, It’s normal, I know!

Why not forget the traffic for now and concentrate your energy into working on what will bring in the traffic in the long run like

  • Producing high-quality content for your target audience
  • Promoting your content
  • Implement SEO

Your blog traffic will increase and decrease most of the times, there will be a day when you receive a high volume of traffic and also a day when your traffic will be too low.

Don’t let that weigh you down, rather focus on Researching keywords, improving your content marketing strategy, writing to your list and see the magic happen!


Setting achievable goals will make you work hard and reduce procrastination to achieve your goals.

This is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid if you want to succeed in blogging.

Where do you want your blog to be in the next three months? ask your self that question.

What are your goals? set achievable goals and how you will measure your progress. when you set goals you can have a clear picture of it and it will be easier to create an action plan towards it.

Create a goal for your blog and a content marketing plan like how often to publish fresh content, how often to update your old posts, what platform to share or publish your posts and so on.

When you have this in place, you are bound to succeed in blogging.


Social media is a great platform to drive massive traffic to your website and to connect with your followers and other niche bloggers but trying to be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and so on at once.

This is common and yet big blogging mistakes to avoid for beginners bloggers.

I did not say it’s not advisable to be on all this platform, all am trying to say is that since you are new to the blogging sphere you can pick one social media platform. Learn the platform, study how it works, learn all the do’s and don’t of the platform before you can move over to another platform.

Trying to be on all this platform will leave you with confusion, you will be trying to figure out how everything works, why not mastered one platform, get used to it and move to another platform.


It’s true that Google loves fresh content but Brian Dean from backlinko said

Too many pages create too many problem

Which I think is absolutely true,

Neil Patel from said

Its better to produce one well written, high quality content a week consistently than to publish everyday for a week and ends up publishing nothing for the month

Creating high-quality content takes a long time in researching the topics, researching the relevant keywords, writing, editing and promoting.

You can create high-quality content by

  • Researching the topics
  • Researching the keywords
  • After writing, re-read the posts out loud over and over again
  • Read your competitor’s blog posts to know how to present your posts


This is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid for beginners bloggers.

You felt you know it all since you have succeeded in crafting an online presence for yourself.

Well am going to shock you with this, In the blogging world, you need to learn new things every day, every minute, every hour. Not just in blogging but also in life in general.

OK! let me ask you this do you know what SEO is?

Do you know what Email marketing is?

Do you also know what affiliate marketing is?

How would you know all this stuff when you quit learning. If you want to be successful in blogging and also in life, you have to be learning every minute.

Why not invest in any blogging course, Ebook, Udemy course, and they are free courses and articles out there that you can learn a lot of new ideas.


I see many bloggers make these mistakes, I know you won’t want someone to visit your blog and opting out without spending one minute on your site simply because your posts is not easy to read.

You can make your posts easy to read by doing the following


Your blog posts need to be easy to read for your audience, use a readable font, use italics and bold to illustrate your point.

It makes the posts to be easily digestible, also make use of enough white space. Cluttering your text together will make the text to be boring and not interesting.

I hate cluttered text especially if I am on a website and there is no white space, the text is just cluttered around each other I have no other option than to hit the exit buttons.

Funny right!

And I know you won’t want your readers to click the exit button right!

So ensure that your posts have enough white space for easy digestibility.


When writing your posts do not use long paragraphs, use short paragraphs to ease the readability of the reader.

Yoast plugin will help you out to know when your paragraph sentence is long so you can make adjustments to it, Ensure that you have the plugin installed.


Imagine someone just visited your blog, enjoyed your content, and was willing to share the content with his or her friend only to observe that your blog does not have sharing buttons on it.

Have you imagined how many engagements you have lost?

how many shares and traffic you have also lost?

Make sure to enabled sharing buttons on your site, if you don’t you are losing a lot of readers.

There are also free plugins that can activate it on your site like shared counts, social pug, social walfare.


Are you among those bloggers that write a long-form content with no image, although your posts have good paragraphs, enough white space, and good reading fonts, images catch the reader’s attention?

Using uniques images that correspond with the posts you are writing can make you stand out.

Related: How to generates blog posts ideas for beginners that never fails

10 blogging tips for beginner bloggers that will shock you

it’s important to know it’s not advisable to use images from google, they are websites to get free loyalty photos like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and so on.

You can also buy stock photos from shutter stock, deposit photos, pixistocks and……..

also, make sure to optimize your image for SEO like including the keywords in the title, alt text.


Did you choose a niche because you have passion for it or because you read that it is profitable or you see other bloggers succeeding in that niche?

That is never a good reason!

Someone else was successful in that niche does not guarantee you of succeeding in that same niche.

A lot of new bloggers mess up in this area, picking a niche you don’t have passion for, you don’t enjoy talking about it, it will affect your ability to come up with fresh blog posts ideas in the long-run.


Because you don’t have passion for the niche. pick a niche that you have passion and desire for, choose a niche that you are eager to learn more about.

Figure out

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problem and challenges are they facing
  • Do I really have a passion for this topic and will I ever be fed up with this topic three or four years to come?
  • Are there other people who want to read about this topic?
  • what type of content will I produce to suit your target audience

Having this in mind will help you create good content specifically for your target audience.


This is also one of the most common blogging mistakes to avoid for beginners bloggers do.

For you to get free traffic from search engines you have to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization),

You can start by learning the basics like how to do proper keyword research, how to choose a keyword that has high volume search and low competition, How to optimize your posts for SEO, How to optimize your image for SEO.

If you are using WordPress Yoast plugin can easily get the work done by displaying if your post is well optimized for SEO depending on the focus keyword.

Do you know that over 6 million people open blog and 12 million people use social channels as a blog?

If you want your voice to be heard or found through organic search you need to master SEO.

Bloggers like Neil Patel, Arfa Nazeer, Brain dean, and so many others. their most traffic source is from search engines. you can get free traffic from search engines rather than paying for an advertisement to get 50 views per day.

Read this in-depth post from Neil Patel


What differentiates successful bloggers from the unsuccessful ones is CONSISTENCY. This is one of the blogging tips that will help you in the long run.

Just because you don’t have much traffic doesn’t mean you won’t see lots of traffic as time goes. All you have to do is to be consistent

  1. In producing high-quality content
  2. Promoting your content
  3. In Networking

So as time goes you will definitely see a difference. Giving up too early is never the best option, do not compare your beginning with someone else success of hard work.

Try to be consistent all the time, it’s not really easy, just make it a habit. Just the way you can’t do without food a day make it a habit………..


When you identify the topics you want to write make sure to research further about the topic you are planning to create content around.

New information is released every single day make sure your content is relevant and updated with the latest pieces of information. Researching the topics will keep your content relevant to your audience.


For every successful blogger to be successful you have to track your progress.

Google Analytics helps you to figure out which of your posts is performing well, you can either create a series of that posts to increase more engagement.

You can also know where your site visitors came from and which hour of the day are they active, so you can schedule your posts to be published at that time.


Having a strategic plan about how you will monetize your blog is essential, You can monetize your blog through

1.Google Adsense

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Selling Online Course

4. Selling Digital products

5. Selling advertisement space on your blog

6. Sell your services


Networking with other bloggers helps in increasing your blog growth whether you are a beginner or professional blogger it is essential you associate with other bloggers.

There are different ways to network with other bloggers in your niche you can use Facebook groups, twitter, blog commenting, guest posting, Quora.

Read this post from shemeansblogging on how to build engagement with online niche bloggers.


Starting a blog is easy and requires lots of hard work to keep the blog going.

Avoiding the above mistakes will help you start on the right path in achieving success in your blogging journey. If you have made any of the mistakes I mentioned above, you can make a remedy to it.

If you have not started yet this will serve as a strong foundation to help you in the long run.

What other blogging mistakes have you made so far in your blogging journey?

Did you find these posts helpful let me know in the comment section below and I appreciate your comment


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