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10 Blogging Tips For Beginner Bloggers that will shock you

10 blogging tips for beginner bloggers

Whether you are looking to build your brand or Blogging for Adsense or Affiliate Profits. This list of blogging tips for beginner bloggers will help you out.

It helps you to understand that is possible to make money right away or probably it will take some time.

Your profits are directly dependable on the amount of targeted traffic you attract to your site.

Therefore you will need to master traffic getting methods.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the Top 10 blogging tips for beginner bloggers.

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This is so important, so many times people get into a niche that is so competitive, that, it is nearly impossible to compete.

A new site in an overly competitive field cannot succeed.

So be smart and do some research so you can select a niche that is worth your time.


identify your site audience or visitors

In other words, make sure you know who your Target Audience is

You have to sell products that relate to your visitors and am sure you have heard before, that you can’t sell meat to a vegetarian.

Well believe it or not that is exactly what happens to so many people who are blogging without ant success.

Match your products and your audience and you have got a winner.

Be patient, this may take a little tweaking,

Also, many different niches mean many targeted markets

Of course!


I learned this from many marketers that list building is the number one priority of building any business.

A list can double and sometimes triple your profit simply because of one reason and that is people will buy when they are ready and not when you are ready.

So, build your list and communicate your offer with them again and again.

And you will see the power of list building

Make sure that list building isn’t the only priority of your business making money is…….

If you have not started building your list, what are you waiting for, start it now? And remember money is in the list.

PRO TIP: If you want to start one check out this post on how to build am email list for free and how to get your first 500 email subscribers


Now, this is a tricky one…….

Many people think that building a relationship with your list means spending time helping each and every person on your list.


Building a relationship with your list is sharing new information about your product and discussing problems and solutions to the niche you are marketing to.

I am not suggesting don’t answer a question your audience has.

I am simply advising you to be careful that you do not spend too much time working for free.

The biggest problem in the internet market is people are focused on making money by saving the world.

You are in business to make money and to serve your visitors by offering them solutions to their problem…..

Which brings us to the next level………


The biggest problem with time management is distraction, your blogging revolves around been online and writing, making videos, link building, and social media marketing.

time management

Wow! those tasks can be very time considering, full of distractions and will rob you of your time and potential profits.

Therefore making a plan of action and sticking to it is the only way to succeed in online internet marketing.

Or you will find yourself spending hours of hours in front of your computer and next year, you will look at your business and wondered “where did the time go and how come you are not succeeding at all.”


Have a plan of action, and if you need to treat your business as a job until it becomes a habit to do those tasks that make you money……

You will thank me later for this step…..

Remember blogging is a great way to make money from home but it takes a great amount of discipline.

Your potential is great if you can put up and work at least 90days to get at least a decent momentum and really see the fruits of your labor.

Three months is not a long time and its worth the effort.

It’s better than what so many people have done wasting years trying to figure out how to make it online. don’t let that be you.


Don’t choose a platform just because it’s popular if you cant figure out how to use it, your blog will be over before it starts.

Find a platform that is easy to use and that have options for technical support in case you get stuck.


Have you heard the saying that goes like this“a patience dog eats the fattest bone” well that seems to be true!

In every business you have to be patient, you can’t expect success overnight, you have to put in a lot of works into your business.

So treat your blog as your business, and you can’t treat your blog as a business if you don’t love what you are doing.

If you want to succeed in blogging, make sure you love what you are blogging about, do it with passion and be patient your success will begin to kick out.


Backing up your blog is something you do immediately after installing WordPress if something happens to the servers or mistakenly delete your blog.

You won’t spend days or weeks trying to start a new one or putting the old one back together.

So make sure to backup your blog it’s necessary!


If you are the owner of a widget shop, you don’t need to write every single post about widgets themselves.

However, you should write about topics related to the basics of making widgets. you can write about

  • Bookkeeping for widget companies
  • How to use widgets
  • The types of challenges currently facing widget companies and other related topics

Relevance is important for getting targeted search engine traffic to visit your blog.


Relevancy is important for maintaining the credibility of your business.

You have to be consistent in your blogging journey, you may feel like giving up due to one challenge or the other but giving up is never the right choice.

Most bloggers quit their blog in just 3 months, don’t let that be you “my dear friend ” consistency is the key to your success

Keep your blog relevant for your readers and they will be liking to visit again.


Most beginner bloggers make this mistake when starting out in the online world, these are my 10 blogging tips for beginner bloggers.

So am leaving it to you, what other blogging tips that have been helping you in your blogging journey.

Let me know in the comment section and also if you find this post helpful, I would like to know in the comment section.

Thanks, cheers!

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