40+ best places to land online writing jobs from home that you need to try

40+ best places to land online writing jobs from home that you need to try

Are you a new freelance writer, stuck at you 9-5 day job,

The hard truth is that you don’t know your way about, how to start with your freelance writing career.

but you are interested in knowing the best places to land online writing jobs from home.

Freelance writing is really a lucrative career which you can do from home and also as your side hustle or full-time career.

There are many freelance writing sites to land writing gigs online to earn an extra buck and improve your writing skill.

Well ! my friend, in this post, I outlined the different freelance writing sites to land online writing jobs from home.

Freelance writing is really a lucrative career which you can do from home and also as your side hustle or full-time career. Click To Tweet

Are you ready for it?

Let get started!

What are the best places to land online writing jobs?

#Problogger job board

Problogger job board is one of the best-curated jobs online, it is created by Darren Rowse of problogger.com.

Some of the big-time blogs posts jobs there,

you just need to search for your niche keyword and select the right job that is fit for you.

For instance, if I search for a content writer and filter the result, jobs relating to the content writer will pop up,

You can also see through the related jobs once you click on one of the freelance writing jobs,

This gives you endless writing gigs to pitch to.


Blogging pro job board gives you updated paid blogging jobs, blog writing jobs, freelance writing jobs.

It is mainly for bloggers and freelance writers,

as a newbie in freelance writing, you can throw your search here and pick the right fit for you.

Different business, companies posts jobs on blogging pro looking for high quality bloggers and freelance writers to write for them.

You can also subscribe to be alerted when a new job is been posted.

#All Freelance Writing Job Board

On this job board you can find freelance writing jobs base on dates and payment rate.

Simply scan through the job pay range to see if it’s a good fit for you and worth pitching to.

You can easily subscribe to all freelance writing to stay up to date with all the paid freelance writing jobs

and also create a profile so that interested clients can find you when searching.

#Morning coffee newsletter

You can subscribe to morning coffee newsletter and get updated freelance writing jobs.

this is one of the best places to get notified about newly posted online writing jobs.

The freelancing jobs are handpicked and research from indeed, craigslist and ProBlogger.

it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with different paid freelance writing jobs.

#Freelance Writing Jobs

This is one of the best freelance writing job board which offers jobs from different websites to save you time in searching for perfect writing gigs that suit your experience and skill.

When you apply for the job, the payment issues are been handled by you without any help from the websites.

They offer jobs in “blogging, technical writing, copywriting, social media.

#Freelance writers den

Freelance writers den is founded by carol tice,

this is a good fit for a beginner writer because this platform is dedicated to helping good writers make more money.

And as a newbie you need a place to build your network,

Freelance writers den offers different writing jobs like freelance writing, health writing, creative copy-writing, content marketing.

They offer free tutorial and online videos that you can use as a beginner before starting your journey in freelance writing.

This job board is only open twice a year, you can signup for their waiting list.

You need to pay a monthly fee of $25 to become a member.

#Whisper jobs

Whisper jobs board shows paid online writing jobs as well as full time or part-time jobs.

The job board is not updated regularly but you can check it out once in a while.

#Be a freelance blogger

This website has actionable tips about freelance writing that will take your freelance career to the next level.

As a freelance writer with no previous experience in the field,

you can follow this website and get equipped with all the necessary information on how to become a successful freelance writer.

They also have a section where jobs ads are been posted,

you can find different writing jobs opportunity and choose the jobs that fit you.

These websites curate writing job opportunities from craigslist, Reddit, freelance writing jobs, indeed, and blogging pro.

As a freelance writer looking for legitimate writing gigs, why not throw your search onbe a freelance blogger it might be a good fit for you.

Give it a try!

There are many freelance writing sites to land writing gigs online to earn an extra buck and improve your writing skill. Click To Tweet


This is a paid website, you can browse the different writing gigs offers based on the niche.

Contena has different writing and editing jobs available on their website which you can browse through to choose the one that best fit your skill or experience.

This website is good for beginner freelance writers who are finding it difficult to know where to start from when searching for online writing jobs from home.

Because they can help you set prefer rates based on the rates of other freelance writers.


Flexjobs is a paid website where you can search for different freelance writing jobs depending on the category or niche.

This website is beginner-friendly because they have several tips and resources to get you started and also you can choose from several options available.


If you are searching for freelance writing gigs opportunities, this websites is a good one to check out because you can find copywriting jobs, article writing or ghostwriting in different niches.

These websites have over 50 categories to choose from based on your interests and niche.

Most of the jobs posted here are restricted to a specific country or location but you can always find your best fits no matter your location or nationality.


As a beginner freelance writer, you can always land good writing gigs with clients who are searching for talented writers, because Agencies, businesses, always come to nDash in search of high-quality content and skilled writer.

You should have some experience so as to showcase your expertise in your niche.

What I love about nDash is that your previous clients will rate your work for future clients to see how good you are & thereby increasing your earning.

If you want to increase your portfolio, check out nDash because the more you work, the more successful you become.

and also you can pitch top brands, companies which you like to work with and provide quality content

Once your work is been completed, you get paid at the spot


Scripted is a website that pairs the best writer with the best client.

If you are stuck in any area you can contact their customer representative via the chatbox.

To join the market place as a beginner is easy because all you have to do is create a profile on the website and pass a writing test, create a portfolio to host different samples of your work.

Set your payment rate and propose jobs to customers, payment is been made through stripe, so they only accept writers who can accept payment via stripe from Canada, Australia, Europe, U.S, and more.

#Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a platform where you can search for any writing gigs no matter your experience.

You can find work at any skill level whether you are a beginner freelance writer or experience writer there is always a client looking for you.

They have two great ways you can apply, the first one is, you can work directly with hundreds of clients on a variety of assignment.

Once you offer a great job to the client you get rated and added to their favorite list, you can build a relationship with clients which leads to more writing jobs in the future.

The other way is to join their editorial team which works with writers of all skill levels.

This is a good place for a freelance writer to land online writing jobs from home.

Crowd Content accepts writers only from U.S, U.k, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, or South Africa.

#Content gather

On this website, you can earn money as a freelance writer in two way

1st way is to submit your own articles on a wide variety of subject and list them for sale in the market place,

the buyer can browse through the listed articles and purchased anyone that appeals to them.

2nd way is to wait for the buyer to come and submit a job if you meet their requirement and you like the job, you can claim the job and submit it.

Once your article is submitted and it been approved by the content gather staff, your article will be listed for sale immediately and you will receive advance payment for the articles before it sells.

Minimum word count is 250-1500, your article can either be approved, rejected or return to you for more re-editing

They have 5 categories of writers which include bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.

Your writer level depends on your approval rate, the number of your articles accepted and the ratings you receive from clients.


Contently is a website that connects creatives freelance writer to work with top brand, companies on high-quality projects that pays well.

As a freelance writer on contently, you can work with a brand, pitch ideas but for you to be able to work with brands on contently you need to create a free portfolio that will showcase your expertise and projects for free.

It’s definitely a great way to market your freelance writing business and your expertise.

#Clear voice

Clear voice is a platform that connects freelancers with the opportunity to work with top brands.

All you have to do is to create an online portfolio(cv) on this platform to showcase your expertise and experience.

You need to create a strong portfolio on this platform to enable you to stand out as a qualified freelancer to work with their client when they use a robust algorithm to crawl CV on their platform.

Just make sure that your CV is strong enough to stand out by telling them your roles, profession, the type of content you produce

Upload as many work samples as you can, also add a bio, tagline and connect your social profile

Once your CV is strong you will automatically receive online writing job opportunities that match your experience.


On these websites, you can browse different project and pitch clients which you feel suits your expertise,

likewise, clients can also browse various talents to find a freelance writer to fit their needs.

Once you find a project that interests you or suits your skillset, you can send your offer and discuss payment with the client.


Compose.ly is a platform that helps create content that drives tons of traffic for companies, businesses, and websites.

Top companies hire freelance writers on this platform to create high notch quality content that will increase traffic and page ranking.

You need to create an account on compose.ly in order for you to be hired,

after creating an account you need to pass a writing test, then create a profile and select jobs that interest you.

Once you have completed the work, submit it, and get paid, the website claim that their writers earn between 10-14 cents per word, and payment is made through Paypal.

There is a high chance that you can find reputable online writing jobs with clients if you have good previous experience.


Word candy is a website that is always looking for freelance bloggers with WordPress experience.

Once you become a word candy writer you can write content for big WordPress site,

when you are filling the application form you can state your rate for WordPress posts per word.

#Writers work

Writers work is a paid freelance writing site, you can create a profile on the platform and add some writing samples to your profile to showcase your expertise.

This is a great tool for freelance writers and also great places to land online writing jobs from home.

#Creative circle

Creative Circle is a recruiting freelance writing site, they connect you with clients who suit your skill.

This website also have job alerts which you can sign for to make it easier to find writing gigs easily.

The downside of this website is that it is location dependent which means you have to search for jobs in your location or area.

Moreover, it also one of the best places to land online writing jobs from home.


Medium is a great place to set up writing samples as a beginner writer and it’s totally free to set up a profile on medium.

You can land writing gigs on medium by looking for publication that pays you to write for them.

Just like Zeal that pays $200 for a posts

Another way to land writing gigs is to market your freelance services in your author’s bio.

because the more followers you have the more lots of eyes are on it, which increases the possibility of landing online writing gigs.


Glassdoor is one of the best freelance writing sites I can think of, the site connects you with job opportunities, leaving you with the choice of choosing the one that suits your best interest.

You can research the companies & compare their prices to know if it’s worth pitching to.

Glassdoor shares information, salaries about companies offering the job but you need to sign up to have access to glassdoor either with your social media account or Email.

Once you are logged in, you can browse the different categories of writing jobs that interest you.

This is a good place for a freelance writer to land online writing jobs from home. Click To Tweet


Publoft is a freelance writing site where you can apply to a network of freelance writers looking for freelance writing gigs.

For you to apply, you need to fill a form and pass some tests, once you are accepted, you will gain access to high-end projects.


Kolabtree is a freelance writing site where you can find a fair number of writing jobs.

To apply you need to create an account on kolabtree, browse the different projects to find the one that matches your skill, bid for the projects by submitting a proposal.

Each job has a fixed fee or hourly fee, you can submit your proposal if the jobs suit you.

if the clients like your proposal you will get an invite to a private discussion where you both will discuss additional details.

if the discussion goes well the client may choose to give you the job.

#Freedom with writing

Freedom with writing is a writing platform that selects and sends numbers of writing job opportunities straight to your email inbox when you subscribe to their platform.

This is a great way to get notified about writing job opportunities without having to search for it yourself.

#Writer Access

Writer Access connects writers, editors with potential clients but they only accept writers in the U.S, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, or the United Kingdom.

You can create a profile on the platform and take a test, once you are verified you will be matched with agencies & brands that match your skills and expertise.

#Writers Per Hour

If you have a knack in academic writing, you can apply to writers per hour as a freelance writer or subject expert.

There is a high increase in demand for academic writing since students are seeking help from writing services to help with their research papers essays and more.


OneSpace works with freelancers who are looking for writing gigs,

the first step is to apply for a freelance account and upload your resume, you also need to pass a qualification test.

Once you are accepted you have access to jobs that suit your profile. this website is great for new freelance writer to improve their writing skill.

#Book Editing Associates

Book editing associates is an editing service that needs ghostwriters, copy editors, proofreader and publishing consultants with traditional and self-publishing experience.

The only downside is that you must have 5+ years of editing experience and also based in the U.S


Workew is a job board with the most popular remote jobs in copywriting, web content, blog writing, content editor, proofreading.

You can find remote work on writing if you want to work remotely from home or in different locations around the world.

You can become a free member or a premium member by paying a fee of $9 and have your portfolio show up at the top of the list of applicants when clients are searching for freelance writers.


Skyword is an elite creative community that connects writers with top-tier brands looking to connects with their audience through storytelling.

When creating your freelance profile on skyword ensures that you showcase your expertise and experience in order to be considered,

because skyword review every portfolio in detail to ensure that their community has the best pick.

#Constant content

Constant content is one of the largest and most established platforms for connecting freelance writers and clients.

The platform gives you the opportunities in finding good writing gigs and scale up your freelance writing career.

To apply you need to create a profile, upload a writing sample of about 100-250 words.

Once you are approved and accepted you can start applying for writing jobs

or receive writing requests from clients directly if your profile meets up with their needs.

#The writer finder

The writer finder is a growth machine looking for freelance writers to help them produce great content, they are looking for freelance writers in any niche.

They are one of the SEO focused content marketing agencies

and also claim to offer good pay for good writing and along with steady streams of projects.

The writer finder merges you with proposed writing gigs so you don’t need to search for online writing jobs.

#Online writing jobs

Online writing jobs make it easy for you to find online writing jobs, they offer different online website copywriting opportunities.

They are looking for freelance writers with strong writing skills and the ability to create great content for brands and companies they work with.

Once your application has been received and also with your work samples.

you will receive an email from them within one to three business days.

Online writing jobs are looking for SEO content writers, copywriters, bloggers & subject matter experts to work with.

You can be one of them


Iwriter is an easy platform to find online writing jobs,

they offered various writing jobs like articles, blog posts, Ebooks, and so on.

To apply, create a profile and take a short writing test,

once you pass the test you can search for articles and start writing.

As you receive positive reviews and ratings, your writer level increases.

#Freelance writing jobs

This site helps freelance writers in landing high paying jobs,

the writing jobs that are been curated on their site are been hand-picked from different job sites, websites, Ads.

They offer jobs in remote writing, freelance copywriting, blogging, content writing.

#The Content Authority

The Content Authority connects engaged writers with clients who want targeted traffic and readers to their site.

As a freelance writer, you can browse different writing gigs categories like copywriting, Ebook ghostwriting, blogging, social media posts.

This will definitely give you a chance to choose an area that interest you where you can succeed in your writing career.


Writers.ph is a freelancing website that pay writers for writing.

they are looking for freelance writers who have a passion for writing.

This is a great website for landing writing jobs because they provide you with writing job opportunities.

If you have the love for writing and have the ability to produce quality content then this website can provide you with lots of freelance writing jobs.

To apply is very easy, just complete the application form, tell them about yourself,

pass an online test, and upload your portfolio. you can select the project you like and start getting paid

#Freelancer Careers

Freelancer careers are one of the most credible online writing platforms for freelance writers to find writing gigs online.

To apply you have to fill a signup form, upload your CV & identification number.

#Target writers

Target writers is a content website that offers writing jobs in Ebook editing, Articles, website content, blog posts.

You can set email notification to get notified when new jobs are been posted on the site.

To apply you have to fill a sign-up form including your personal information, choose from a range of topics that interest you.


As a freelance writer, you can become a content writer on Zerys,

once your profile is created, you will get a notification when a new writing job is posted that corresponds with your profile.


Solidgigs is a paid freelance listing site that is definitely a good choice for beginners freelance writers

because solidgigs will help you pick the right client and also grow your freelancing business.

This website will save you tons of hours and time browsing other websites for writing gigs

because you will be notified when there are new writing jobs.

#Guest Post on blogs

Guest posting on reputable blogs increases your brand exposure and your online presence.

As a beginner freelance writer, you can guest post for blogs as a stepping stone in building your online portfolio.

Some blogs will pay you to guest posts on their blog/ website while some do not pay guest writers whichever route you choose.

Related: 50+ Websites that Pay Up to $200 for a Blog Post that you need to know

120+ best SEO Guest Posting Sites that you need to know

#Say you are for hire

If you are a blogger you can add a “hire me page”

so that clients will know you are available for hire.

This is a great way to land online writing jobs from home,

but if you don’t have a blog you can use your social media account to post an announcement

which will show interested clients that you are for hire when they are searching for freelance writers on social media platforms.

Also, it lets your fellow writers know that you are available for writing work.

Are you looking to land your first writing gigs as a freelance blogger?

Paid to blog is a design by Tom Ewer a successful freelance blogger who will teach you the whole process of achieving success as a freelance writer.

You need to purchase the paid to blog course for $49 for you to become paid to blog members.

and gain access to writing tips that will help you launch and grow your freelance writing business.

As a beginner freelance writer, you can guest post for blogs as a stepping stone in building your online portfolio. Click To Tweet

#Writer bay

If you are looking for freelance writing jobs with a flexible schedule, you can apply on writer bay

They are looking for freelance writers who can deliver a high-quality paper on time.

Writer bay has different selection of writing jobs on the web,

you will definitely find the one that suits your writing skill and areas of expertise.

This is one of the best places to land an online writing job, to apply you need to fill a registration form, pass a grammar test, and upload your diploma certificate and CV.


In conclusion, there are many places to land online writing jobs from home, you just need to try one out.

I just showed you 40+ places to find online writing jobs from home

So over to you, Are you ready to take action?

Don’t just sit and stare, take Action!

If you enjoyed this post and found it super helpful, please share it with your friends and spread it.

Now your turn, which other places are you going to start using to land online writing jobs from home.

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