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How to Make Your Pinterest Board Cover under 15 minutes

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Having a beautifully designed Pinterest board cover size will help your profile stand out and will also keep your profile organized.

Are you a blogger or a Pinterest user that are looking for how to create and upload Pinterest covers to your profile? this guide is for you.

or a new blogger who just finished setting up their Pinterest account,

created some pins and want to organize their board, then this tutorial is for you.

In this post, you will learn how you can create your Pinterest board covers quickly and upload it on Pinterest

If you are looking for how to create Pinterest board covers, then read on…..

you just need to have a free Canva account and also your time to create your Pinterest board cover.

Are you ready to get started?

let’s go

when people visit your profile they know actually what you are writing about, its helps your profile looks professional and organized.

Note: if your Pinterest account is still new and you have not created any board yet,

you need to click on the plus sign(+) at the top of your profile, select create a board

fill in your board name, description and make sure to incorporate keywords in your board name and your board description,

when you have done that, just hit create, and voila you have just created your first Pinterest board.

Now over to how to create your Pinterest board cover with canva

we are going to be looking at

* What is the ideal Pinterest board cover image size

* What is the ideal Pinterest cover photo size

* how to add a board cover on Pinterest

* what are some pinterest board cover Ideas

Let’s get into it

What exactly is a Pinterest board cover?

Let’s take for instance when you scroll through someone Pinterest profile and its arrange with an amazing board covers displaying the board name and the types of pins you will find there

you can easily access them without having to struggle to find out what the board is all about.

The same goes to a retail store on Pinterest, when you visits a retail store with a branded Pinterest board cover,

this provide excellent shopping experience where customers know what to expect and fins in each board without finding it difficult to navigate around.

this will increase your shopping rate, click through and more….

Having a branded Pinterest profile helps you look professional

for instance, here is a board without a pinterest board cover

and here is a board with a branded pinterest board cover which is more professional.

the branded one right!, these are the reasons you need a Pinterest board cover.

Now let’s get into how to create Pinterest board cover

Select the Ideal size of Pinterest Board Cover

The ideal size for a Pinterest board cover image is 200*200px, however, the 600*600 pixels are recommended for designing the board cover frame as it provides a pinnable image.

Now the first thing you need to do is to create a square template on canva.

Log in to your Canva account, if you don’t have one, quickly create one here.

When you log in to your canva account, from the homepage, select custom dimension,

how to create a pinterest board cover

enter 600px & 600px for both width and height and press enter.

It will open in a new page with a frame of your square template

You can design your board cover based on your brand or how you want it.

What am doing here is showing you how you can create your own pinterest board cover.

Choose a background image

from the left hand side menu, select photos to choose from canva library(which is only available for paid canva account).

Or click on uploads to upload your own image.

How to create and upload a branded Pinterest Board Cover with Canva Click To Tweet

When you have found the image to use, click on it, it will appear on your square template, then drag your image to fit into the square template.

Also if you would like to adjust it, double click on the image and adjust it however you want.

upload your pinterest background image

Add an Element

Click on the left-hand side menu, select element and look for the square shape

drag it to become rectangle shape, its not compulsory you can keep it at any shape.

If you want to change the colour of the element to your brand colour, this is how you do it

click on the element shape(rectangular shape), once you click on it,

a small square shape box will appear at the top left hand side.

Click on the small square shape and select any colour of your choice.

If you also want your element to be transparent, so that you can see through it.

Click on dotted tab at the top right hand menu and reduce its transpiracy.

Add Your Text

To add your text, click on the text icon in the left hand side menu.

Type in your board name, you can edit the boldness, change the colour of your text and also the spacing between each letter.

You can also change the font of your text.

Note: if you are using canva free account you will have access to limited fonts except you are using the paid version.

Save your image as PNG

When you have finish editing your image and its matches your taste, its time to download it.

From the upper right hand side of your screen,

select the arrow pointing down to the line to download your new Pinterest board cover.

Remember to leave the file as PNG and click on download and your new Pinterest board cover will start downloading.

How to upload your new Pinterest board cover

Now to upload your new Pinterest board cover to Pinterest, click Create a pin from your homepage.

drag and drop your image in the designated spot.

or you can upload it directly from canva to pinterest which is what I do.

Click on the dotted lines to select Pinterest, choose the board you want to publish your board cover image to.

Name your board cover

You have to name your board cover according to the board it will cover.

For me this is how I name my board

Brand new board cover| Your blog name- freelance writing tips|9ijalazy blogs

So that when people search for your blog name or keywords that appears in your blog name, your board and its pins will appear in pinterest search result.

Add A Pin description

Add a description that will let people or your followers know what exactly they will find in these boards

And do not forget to research for keywords to incorporate In your pin description to increase the chance for more people to discover you.

Add the link to your board, in this case you will want to add the pinterest URL of your board, just copy the pinterest URL for that board and paste it.

If you are new to pinterest, I know you will be wondering on how to get your pinterest URL for your board.

See what you will do, open a new tab, go over to pinterest and click on your board, when its loads, you will see the URL on the top, so copy it.

Change Pinterest Board Cover Image

To change Your Pinterest board cover image, open your Pinterest profile, and click on the Boards tab.

Now look for the board you want to change the cover image and click on the dotted lines, under the board options click on the Edit board.

to change the cover image click on the pencil icon at the bottom right-hand corner to select the board cover you just created.

Your new board cover should be the first to appear but if it doesn’t appear use the arrow to navigate left to the most recent added pins.

if your board doesn’t have a description yet, make sure you fill in the description of your board to enhance its SEO more.

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and also do not forget to choose a category for your board.

when you see your board cover image, click on the saves changes button, and voila you have just added your first branded Pinterest board cover.

If you want your Pinterest profile to look beautiful, make sure to maintain the same font, colour, background image, text size and also spacing.

remember I said you can design your Pinterest board cover as you want, here are some Pinterest board cover ideas to get you started.


There you have it how you can create your Pinterest board cover in less than 15 minutes,

Having a good branded Pinterest board cover is good for your business,

this also increases numbers of followers because your board and profile looks attractive to your audience.

Over to you, have you taken the time to brand your Pinterest board covers?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Do you use canva? What are some easy tips you have for designing your own Pinterest board covers.

Have any questions, let me know in the comment below

and also if you find this post helpful, kindly share it around.

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