recommended blogging resources for bloggers

I know how hard it is to run an online business or a blog, yea I have experienced that too, that is why I put together this list of recommended blogging resources to list all the products,

services or companies that I use to run this blog or which I knew have lots of value.

There is nothing sweeter than starting a blog on the right path/foundation.

So on this page, you will find all the products

which I highly recommend to kickstart your blogging journey and help you run your online business smoothly.

Disclaimer… I want to let you know that this page contains affiliate links which means I earn a commission if you purchase through the links on this page.

and also these are all products which I recommend and will never put the product, services which I have not yet verified or use on this page.

Am here to help you make the right decision, with lots of information at there

You wouldn’t know if it’s worth using or paying for, these are all the best blogging resources I used in running this blog

and don’t forget to “keep this post bookmarked because I will be adding more to it, as soon as I come across the important tools to help you grow your blog and online biz.

So let’s get into it!


Bluehost: if you are looking to start a blog at a cheaper rate, I highly recommend Bluehost.

Bluehost is one of the top web hosts out there and you can start your blog for as low as 3.95/mo and also comes with a free domain for the first year.

So I highly recommend them because it’s the web host I use in running this blog.


If you want a more cheaper and reliable hosting provider,

I highly recommend Hostinger because their plan starts at the rate of $0.99/mo which means you can start your blog for as low as $0.99/mo.

If you are low on budget and really want to start a blog I recommend Hostinger and Bluehost
But hostinger is kind of cheaper.


I love cloudways so much, if you want a fast loading hosting provider with a great customer support, you should go for cloudways.

If you have the budget and are willing to scale up your blog, check out cloudways but if you are low on budget you can go for bluehost/hostinger.

E-Commerce platform


This ecommerce platform make it easy to sell your digital product

and also handles your affilite program if you later plan on having one.

I highly recommend this platform, selling of digital products is a great way to monetize your blog and make money from it.


Sellfy is also an e-commerce platform that you can also sell your digital products.


This is an e-commerce platform that you can create and sell your online course with ease.

they are one of the best if you are looking for where to create your online course with ease.

You need to check out Thinkific.

WordPress Theme

Bluchic Theme: have you heard about bluchic theme?

I love these WordPress themes and they have lots of amazing feminine themes that will match your branding.

Standing out online also needs your unique brand and bluchic theme help with that.

For me, I personally love chicboss theme, chicserve theme & chicshop theme but you can make your own choice.

Because my choice may not be your choice.


With all these already made templates, it will be easier to create your sales page or opt-in page without any stress while having lots of time to focus on other things.

Ebook Launch Templates

Are you writing an Ebook or plan on writing an Ebook, this templates will make it easier for you to launch your Ebook

Skyrocket leads and sales of your latest ebook by generating sales around your launch

The Ultimate Landing Page Templates

Creating a landing page can be confusing especially if you don’t know how to go about it.

With these landing page templates, you can grow your list and start making sales on autopilot.

This is the best $129 investment for my blog that I have made because growing your list is a crucial part in your business as an online entrepreneur.

Canva Social Media Template

Blogging consist of lots of works, saving yourself the headache and stress of designing social media graphics for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, twitter is really interesting.

Grab this 85+ share-worthy canva templates for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook all at $67.

Canva Lead Magnet Templates:

Growing an email list consist of creating lead magnet & freebie your audience want.

This canva lead magnet templates which I love so much consist of 50 unique canva templates for roadmaps, workbook, and whatever freebies you wish to create.

You can create different freebies with these templates,

This will ease the stress of thinking about how to design your freebie and focus more on other stuff.

Chicserve Biz Bundle

This will give you access to social media templates, chicserve theme(bluchic theme), lead magnet templates, and landing page template at once.

Instead of purchasing it separately, you can save $45 when you purchase the bundle.


The she approach to boosting your blog traffic ebook

This ebook will help you in growing your blog traffic and audience and also in reaching 50,000 pageviews/mo.

who doesn’t want that!

I have found success with this ebook, after implementing the tips laid out on this ebook, my traffic took off.

Go from newbie to established blogger with just one affordable but value-packed ebook.

Don’t forget to use my code “TSA5OFF” for $5 off your fee.

There is nothing easier than learning from bloggers that have found success with it.

From Zero to Superhero Affiliate bundle

This is a training bundle for bloggers who haven’t made their first $1000 in affiliate sales, Ana makes $15,000/mo from affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what to do to make sales in affiliate marketing, you need this bundle.

This training bundle includes 50+ instructional ebook, a list of 500+ affiliate program in different niche that you can join and lot more.

Don’t forget to use my code “TSA5OFF” for $5 off your fee.

Social media power

This ebook consists of various tips and strategies, that you can use and succeed on any social media platform.

Ranging from branding, How to stand out and be unique, how to drive sales and traffic from social media,

how to engage and build trust with your audience and lots more, you can get it for $27 only

Instagram landing page templates, this is already made templates that you can customize to your branding and drives leads and sales from Instagram.

You can get it for $19


Ebook bestseller Bootcamp: This is an online course for bloggers & solopreneurs like myself that want to go from ebook idea to bestselling digital product in 60 days.

Ana has published a lot of ebooks, books and you can learn exactly how she did it in this course.

You can use my discount code“EBB20OFF” to take $20 off your enrollment.


Start a money-making blog – this is an email course that will teach you how you can start a blog the right way

Canva design template: this is a free canva ebook template that you can use to create your own ebook.

You do not want to miss this, its free!

Make your first Affiliate sales: this email course will teach you how you can make your first affiliate sales.

Launch your dream website: This is a free email course that will teach and direct you on how to launch and build your website.

Free Resource library: sign up to this resource library and get freebies, ebooks, and a lot more that will help you grow your biz and blog

and it’s free!

Email marketing tools

Email marketing bundle for bloggers

This ebook will teach you all you need to know about building your email list.

How to send a proper email, write a compelling subject line, how to attract the right audience to your email list.

Purchasing this ebook for $57 has saved me lots of stress.


This is a email service provider that I personally use,

its has a simple interface for content creators and bloggers to use.

Convertkit now has a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers but once you exceed the 1000 subscribers you can then upgrade.

Their plan start from $29per/mo, with a 14 days free trial.

Convertkit has unlimited landing pages ,email broadcast, customizable CTA’s and signup forms, subscriber tagging.

Click here to signup to Convertkit.


This is an email service provider that I highly recommend. Its plan start with $15per/mo.

Click here to try Getresponse


Tweckdeck: this is a free scheduling tool for twitter that I have been using to schedule tweets.

Click here to use Tweckdeck for free.

Ivorymix: ivory mix has lots of stock photos, that you can use on your website.

You can sign up to receive free stock photos straight to your inbox every month. this is a free stock photo website, where you can get whatever photo you want. this website offers various stock photos, that will suit your brand.

Ready-made Pinterest templates: creating Pinterest pins can be frustrating at times, Grab this 40 Pinterest template & this viral pin template to create Pinterest pins at ease.

I invested in these two Pinterest template in my first month of blogging and I increased my blog traffic to 6000 page views in my second month of blogging.

Pinterest Ebook: This is an ebook that will teach you how to get started with Pinterest, setting up your profile, creating boards, and also driving traffic from it.

This Ebook is great for new bloggers just getting started and intermediate bloggers who don’t know the ins and out of Pinterest.

Use the Code “TSA5OFF” for $5 off your fee.

Affiliate program Masterlist: this master list contains lists of different affiliate programs that you can join in different niche.

Click here to get yours for $34

Chicboss sales funnel kit

If you are thinking on how to create a sales funnel for your business

without having to worry about how to design or start it from scratch,

then this SALES FUNNEL TEMPLATE KIT will serve you well.

With these template you can grow your email list, sell digital or online course, host a webinar, create a tripwire, All with these chicboss sales funnel template kit.

It contains an opt in page, sales page, waitlist page, thank you page and webinar registration page.


This is some of the recommended blogging resources that I used in running this blog and I highly recommend them

investing in your blog will make you learn more and give you a faster approach to growing your blog.

That was the first thing I realized and starting growing this blog as soon as I invested in it.

Do not forget to bookmark this post, more will be added to it.

Note: what I recommend here is what I have used and love, it will increase your business/ blogging journey online. its also what I know will save you time when running your online business

Let me know how these resources + tools work for you, I would truely love to know.