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How to create an email list for your business and grow it like a pro

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Are you wondering how you can create an email list for your blog or business?

Growing an email list of subscribers that love to hear what you have to say is an important factor in running an online business.

Are you a blogger, online entrepreneur looking to start an email list, and grow it to 1000 email subscribers in no time?

whether you are just getting started to build your email list or you have 100 email subscribers and wanting to grow them more.

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You are welcome!

I know you actually want to create and grow your list, yes I know.

I have good news for you,

the good news is that you can make it happen if you put in the effort.

in this guide, I will walk you through how to create an email list for your business and grow it in no time.

honestly, when you have an email list of people that love you and what you offer,

You can send out an email and also makes sales at any time

But before you can enjoy this, you need to self-host your blog from day one and start an email list from day one.

Are you ready to get started! so let get into it.

Why do you need to start an email list

Okay, you might be wondering why you need to start your own email list.

whether you are a new blogger starting from scratch or an intermediate blogger, here is why you need an email list

You connect with People

having your own email list allows you to connect with different people because they want to know more about you and your business.

For me, I actually subscribed to an email list of a blogger whom I want to learn from or know more about,

because these people are your raving fans and community.

Email list is yours

your email list belongs to you alone, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have yet, you can grow them.

As a blogger, an online entrepreneur it’s necessary to start building your email list from day one.

do you know that you do not own social media followers? yes! I can remember vividly when I lost my Instagram account of about 6k followers.

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I was shocked, yes really shocked

so what am trying to say here is that your social media account can be hacked or disabled, so you don’t own them, you only own them when they become your email list subscribers.

You build trust with your audience

Having your own email list allows you to build trust with your audience.

It stages you as an authority in your niche and also makes you know what your audience really wants.

Having your own email list helps you to get to know your audience more.

What struggles are they going through, what they want from you, what type of email they love to read?

when you have your own email list, you can know all these and work towards serving your email subscribers the best.

okay now you know why you need an email list, so the next step is how to create an email list of yours.

But before diving into email marketing tips, we need to make sure your blog is self-hosted

To self-host, all you need to do is to purchase a hosting, I recommend this host for this, and if you are looking for hosting company that is more cheaper and a good customer support, I recommend hostinger, their plan start at $0.99.

Its depends on your budget both bluehost and hostinger are amazing hosting company, but hostinger is more cheaper than bluehost.

When your blog is self-hosted, you own your content and can run ads, affiliate product, monetize the way you want without any restriction.

so let go into how to create an email list for your blog or business

let’s go!

Have a clear Purpose

you really need to have a clear purpose for starting your email list,

what do I tend to achieve with it, will I be able to be consistent in the long run?

these are the question you need to ask yourself,

when building your email list, you need to know if you want to monetize it by selling your product, services, or an affiliate product.

You also need to know how you plan to be sending your email, is it weekly or monthly.

so you need to have a clear purpose before starting an email list

Choose an Email Service Provider(ESP).

If you already have an ESP you should ignore this step,

but if you have not, then you need to have an email service provider.

what is an ESP?

An ESP is a platform that collects and stores all your email address

Okay, Constance, there are lots of email service providers out there, but which one do I go for?

okay I got you, if you are a blogger or content creator I recommend convertkit so much, their interface is so simple and not as complicated as most of ESP out there

I migrated from Mailchimp to Convertkit because I was confused about how to use Mailchimp,

but as soon as I migrated to Convertkit, I understood how to use it without any technical knowledge and I also imported my email list subscribers from Mailchimp to convertkit.

so Convertkit is so easy to use and the amazing fact is that Convertkit now has a free plan of up to 1000 subscribers with limited features.

but its great for a beginners to get started with

try out Converkit here

Create Content Upgrade

first of all, what is “content upgrade”

a content upgrade is bonus resources/ content that is included in a blog post in exchange for the reader’s email address.

you might be asking how do I create a content upgrade?

what I want you to do is to create a content upgrade for your top 5 most popular posts.

since people are already interested in those posts, providing additional resources to your readers will make them happy and will give out their email address for free as long as the post and resource will solve their problem.

A content upgrade can be a Pdf, checklist, workbook, email challenge, template, and lots more.

Create a Landing page for your email list

Creating a landing page for your email list is the best option if you really want conversion and to grow your email list.

what is a landing page?

This is actually a page where your audience will land after seeing your offer and want to take action.

you can create a landing page for your e-course, email challenge, ebook whatever you have to offer

The landing page needs to be beautifully designed and if you don’t want to build your landing page from scratch,

check out this beautifully designed landing page templates & create any landing page of your choice.

Make sure your landing page is convincing, it should include reviews, what they will get, and why you decided to offer them that.

you need to make sure there is no distraction on your landing page, your visitors should only have to subscribe or click the exit button.

once your landing page is set up, it’s time to send traffic to it which leads us to the next steps.

Get Active on social media

Growing on social media really need you to build your brand online and also build trust with your audience.

when your audience trusts you and believes you, they can easily subscribe to your mailing lists.

want to know how to build your brand online using social media?

check out Social media power, an Ebook that is packed with direction on how to grow, build trust, stand out online, drive traffic, and sales from social media.

check it out if you truly want to grow your brand online and drive sales to through it.

Now let talk about how to drive traffic to your landing page from social media to grow your email list.

Add the link to your landing page to your bio, but before someone would click on your bio link you need to be providing value to your audience.

If you want to grow your list mainly from Instagram, this Instagram template will get you on the right track, this landing page will be specifically for your Instagram audience to attract them to your list.

here are some tips when sharing on social media

Share your posts that include freebie, lead magnet, or landing page in Facebook groups, Twitter threads.

Make use of Pinterest: this is really a great source of traffic which we often neglect, this was the mistake i made, do not make this mistake.

create multiple pins for your posts, lead magnets, and landing page.

creating tons of pins and video pins is necessary since Pinterest has changed its algorithm.

Here is a post that elaborates more on video pins and the new Pinterest algorithm

this 40 Pinterest template & this viral pin template has helped me a lot in creating pins quickly.

try more on creating more pins for your lead magnet, landing page.

If you cannot wrap your head around pinterest, you can invest in this amazing ebook.

Look for Popular blogs and Guest post on them

Getting your post on a higher blog with a large audience and a large domain authority than yours is essential in growing your online presence.

but have you ever thought of using it to increase your email subscribers. have you given it a thought yet?

what I want you to do is:

Step1. search for 10 blogs that has the same audience as yours that you can pitch to.

After searching you can use a spreadsheet to keep track of it.

Step 2: What you need to do here is to send out a guest post pitch to them.

You need to read their guest posting guidelines

and also make sure the blog you are trying to pitch to has an author bio section where you can talk more about yourself.

Send your pitch to these ten blogs and be sure not all of them will reply back.

Step 3: when they reply back, write out your guest posts according to their guidelines.

Make sure the posts you are writing will provide value to their audience.

And in the author bio section Make sure to link to your content upgrade, lead magnet/landing page specifically for them.

If your post has much value and you present yourself as an authority, they will give out their email address when they land on your lead magnet/landing page.

Make sure the landing page you linked is convincing and also has reasons why they should subscribe and what they will learn from it.

Offer A free Challenge

Free challenge is a great way to build an email list,

because you are giving your readers step by step action plan to achieve a certain goal at a given period of time.

Have seen a lot found success with this and have grown their email list massively with it.

Here is an example of free challenges from other bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Pat Flynn’s 0 to 100 email challenge: this is a 3-day challenge that will help you grow your email list from 0 to 100

Simple Green Smoothie Challenge: this is a 7-day challenge that will help you incorporate green smoothies in your daily life.

If you are wondering on how to set up free challenge landing page from scratch,

this free challenge template will help you get started.


We neglect the power of SEO a lot,

implementing SEO in your posts and having its knowledge is crucial because SEO is a good source of traffic.

When people search for a certain problem on search engines,

they search for it because they really need a solution to their problem.

When they land on your blog/website through search engines, for instance, Google,

they read your posts and it solves their problem for them, and you offer some sort of lead magnet, content upgrade along with the post.

There is a good chance that they will subscribe to your list because they want to hear more from you.

Am speaking from my own point of view, when I land on some blog or websites, and their post is so helpful

I will not hesitate to subscribe to their list, lead magnet, or freebie because I really want to know more.

So if I were you, I will start working on my SEO, it helps a long way in growing your list and also driving sales/traffic to your site.

Create a lead magnet to grow your list.

A lead magnet is different from a content upgrade.

I know you might be asking how are they different!

A content upgrade is an additional resource related to the post itself,

While a lead magnet stand on its own

You can create like a two-three lead magnet and promote them.

A lead magnet can be email course, ebook, a challenge, PDF and lot more.

Creating a freebie/lead magnet all over from scratch is time-consuming,

that is why I recommend this lead magnet template to create whatever freebie you want to create.

you can customize it to suit your brand

Be it workbook, checklist, PDF and so on……, you can create that with this templates.

Switch up your Lead magnet

Not all your lead magnet will attract your readers to subscribe to your email list.

But one key point remains your lead magnet must solve a specific problem and attract your target audience

Create more lead magnet and know which one converts more.

Chances are most of your lead magnet will interest your audience more than the rest.

Create resource Library

you can offer a resource library to those who subscribed to your list to access all your freebies, lead magnet, in one place.

A resource library is a location on your website where you store all your freebie, lead-magnet for your audience that is password protected.

which means they need to subscribe to your list before accessing those freebies

Add A Sticky Bar

Do you know that most people would ignore your signup box in your sidebar or blog posts?

You can create a sticky bar with hello bar.

Here is an example of hello bar from

using hello bar is a great way not to disturb your audience while going through your content.

You can use hello bar to

  • Make Announcement
  • Ask them to subscribe to your list
  • Offer a lead magnet
  • And lots more.

These sticky bar shows up in all your pages, and it tends to convert well.

Try hello bar for free

Promote Your Lead Magnet

After creating your lead magnet, freebie, content upgrade you need to promote it,

How else can you attract people to it, if they don’t see or know about it?

Promote it on all social media platforms, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, create pins for them and pin to the relevant board.

If you are creating a product, you can also create a sales funnel for it.

let people subscribe and get notified when the product is launch (they are added to your list)

Are you planning to sell a digital product, online course, or services, do you know you can create a waitlist page and allow people to subscribe

This Sales funnel template kit has all it takes to grow your list, sell your product, and make sales.

Its all depend on what you want with your online business

More Information on Email Marketing

Your email list is your community, they are your greatest asset. you need to nurture them well.

if you are looking for a course on email marketing, I recommend this course, it has everything you need to know about building and growing an email list.


There you have it, how to create an email list for your blog or business.

Try and implement these tips, you might be thinking it will take ages,

it will not if you set your mind to it.

Your email subscribers are your audience, there is no need you have 10k followers on social media,

If they are not on your list

Try converting those followers into your email list subscribers.

Don’t just tell them to subscribe to your list, do your research and find out their problem

Or you may throw a poll survey on social media and know what they need help with.

After discovering that, create a lead magnet and offer it to them.

What will happen if your social media account was hacked or disabled, all your followers will be gone in a twinkle of an eye.

So sad!

So leverage the power of email marketing and make them your email list subscribers.

this takes us to the end of these posts

Wow, did you enjoyed this posts?

What other method have you used to increase your email list and also let me know in the comment below if you found this post helpful?

kindly share it if you found this post helpful


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